Being antifragile – one of the best trait to survive and grow

What does it mean to be succeed in life?

The answer may vary, but after an almost 32-years run in this world, it might being antifragile.

The experiences of each person may vary, but this trait has a solid proof for me to survive and grow.

As explained by a good TedTalk, being antifragile means much more than being resilient. It is resilience 2.0. While resilience provides someone the capability to endure challenges and strive toward the goals, antifragility gives you more endurances and capacity to become stronger and well-build for facing the next challenges.

I always love the analogy of being antifragile as we exercise in the gym. We are certainly not a masochist if we have target to lift more weights in month 6 compare to the initial start. It is just your muscle already adapt with more weight, thus 15kgs of bench press doesn’t mean anything now. It is natural, we want to be stronger or having an athletic body, so muscle need more pressure while at the same time develop the fibres bigger.

If we are doing this kind of exercise for our physic, why it can’t be adapted to other aspects in our life?

I remember back then that I was always afraid to post something in social media because I really think about people’s opinion. It was kind of normal that I would check my Instagram gazillion times after I post something just to see whether I have many likes or not for my stories or posts.

However, after couple “less than 30 likes and no one commented” posts, I barely care anymore. It feels deliberating and I think I develop “less giving an f about people in social media” muscle. Antifragility works.

So now, after numerous setbacks and struggles, I believe I need to expand this antifragility aspects in my life, and maybe yours too. I am beyond grateful that in this period I hit the gym more frequent than ever and less frequent about thinking people’s opinion in social media. But there are still tons of aspects in which I need to be antifragile as well, from regulating emotion, work ethics, spirituality to writing habit.

It is a lifetime coaster anyway, but finger crossed I will keep this quality polished day by day.

Featured Image: Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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